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The Value of Veterans Pension Specialists LLC


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VA Pension and Survivors Pension with Aid and Attendance

Veterans Pension Specialists LLC assists home care agencies identify existing/new clients as war-time Veterans or Surviving Spouses that may qualify for VA Pension with Aid & Attendance. Clients can use the lifetime, tax-free monthly benefit to pay for new or additional home care services

  • Increase agency revenue

  • Add service hours to existing clients

  • Reduce need to hire new caregivers

  • Increase agency client revenue

  • No cost to agency for assessment

  • Guaranteed monthly payments for qualified clients

Eligibility Requirements

  • 90 days or more active service with at least one day during period of official wartime

  • Medical condition, confirmed by physician, not related to military service, which requires assistance with activities of daily living (bathing & grooming, dressing & laundry, meal prep and light housekeeping)

  • Meet VA income to medical expenses ratio

  • Meet VA asset requirement

Let's Get Started

When the client is identified as a War-time Veteran or Surviving Spouse, VPS will contact them on your behalf and let them know about the Pension with Aid and Attendance. For those who desire to pursue the benefit, VPS will direct them to a VA accredited Attorney to coordinate the production of required paperwork and preparation of the pension application. An authorization for start of new care by your agency takes approximately 60 days.        

There is no cost to your agency and once the Veteran or Surviving Spouse is qualified you are guaranteed payment. Your agency does not deal directly with the VA so billing hassles and collection risks are non-existent. Admin and compliance costs are also minimal compared to other payers. You will benefit from increased length of care, elimination of bad debt/collection expenses, reduced sales/marketing and recruiting costs.

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Caregiver Options

If a Veteran or Surviving Spouse wants to use a family member (not spouse) or close friend as care provider, VPS will set them up as an Independent Contractor and arrange for the necessary payroll and tax support.

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